Virtual Collaboration and Team Cohesion

Institute of Marketing and Communication Management

Our PhD student Monika Maślikowska and her supervisor Prof. Michael Gibbert have just published a paper on team cohesion in distance education in the Academy of Management Learning and Education journal. While distance education has accelerated greatly with the advent of Covid-19, little is still known on how virtual collaboration of student teams changes team dynamics, such as team cohesion. The paper Monika and Michael present explores this phenomena, in particular how dynamic boundaries – such as multi-teaming, geographical dispersion, or moving on and off the team -  affect team cohesion in cross-university coursesettings. Their research suggests that while dynamic boundaries reduce teams cohesion, it favors “participant alignment”. 

If you want to learn more, have a read of the full article:

Maślikowska, M., & Gibbert, M. 2022. Dynamic Boundaries in Virtual Student Teams: Is Participant Alignment the New Team Cohesion? Academy of Management Learning and Education